*Results will vary between individuals.


“There are days I couldn’t follow the meal plan or come for treatment. Nonetheless, I lost more than 12kg in just 2 months*. And I know from experience that maintaining my weight will be effortless even after treatment ends. I highly recommend CSH therapy® for anyone looking to make a real change!”


“I started with Absolute Wellness because exercise wasn’t an option (due to health reasons) and dieting wasn’t showing results. With a better metabolism thanks to CSH therapy®, I can now hit and maintain my ideal weight with very little effort. Cheat days and snacking don’t bother me anymore.”


“I didn’t expect it, but I kept getting comments from my colleagues on how whatever I was doing to lose weight was working. I wasn’t even exercising! This is by far the biggest drop of weight I’ve ever had. What’s also amazing is that I lost weight almost every single time I went back for my sessions.”


“Not being to put on my favourite dress was my wake-up call. I wasn’t large-sized to begin with, but I had stubborn post-baby fat in my midsection that refused to go away. With CSH therapy®, I quickly lost 3kg in less than a month*, but the most impressive part was how quickly I shaped up too.”


“I knew about AW in 2016 as I was getting in shape for my wedding. Since then, they’ve been a part of my life. I’ve always had a slow metabolism, and yet I lost 4kg in the first month, during a period when I was traveling no less! Many thanks to Doreen and her team’s impeccable service.”


“I’m glad I chose Absolute Wellness! CSH therapy® not only enhanced my body shape, but it reduced my appetite too. Special mention to heat treatment, which I really liked because it shaped my thighs so quickly! Their friendly and dedicated staff is another reason why I always look forward to sessions.”


“I’ve tried many methods, but none of them can compare to the CSH therapy® program, which helped me lose a record of 5kg in just 4 weeks* with quite little effort. Unlike my previous experiences, there are no side effects like heart palpitations and dehydration. Best of all: No pills, no replacement meals.”


“Absolute Wellness customises their approach to you based on your lifestyle, food options and working habits. Even though I could only follow the meal 70% to 90% of the time, not to mention feasting during the holiday season, I lost a good 6.8kg in just 4 weeks*. I’m stunned by my own progress.”


I thought it’d be easy to lose my baby weight with diet and exercise. Sadly, all my methods had a common problem: Rebound. Slowly, my health and sleep deteriorated. Since I started CSH therapy®, I’m sleeping better and I’ve lost more than 6kg in the last 2 months. It’s been an eye opener for me!”


“I was thrilled! It gave me renewed confidence, and a bigger wardrobe because I was no longer struggling to fit in my old clothes. There’s no rebound too: Even after 3 holiday trips with lots of eating, I only put on about 1kg at the end of it all. It works for me and the people around me can testify to that.”


“At the end of 1 month, I lost 5.1kg and 8cm around my waist*. But it was when I went on a one-week holiday in Gold Coast that I really understood what an improved metabolism can do. Despite eating whatever I felt like, my weight and fat percentage continued going down.”


“As a mother of 2 young girls, my biggest issue was post-pregnancy fat. No matter how hard I dieted, my weight didn’t budge. Absolute Wellness was my turning point. CSH therapy® helped me to lose 18kg in barely 5 months*. I’m finally back to wearing M-sizes. My friends could barely recognise me!”


“With such impressive results in a short duration of time, I was worried that I might put on weight after the treatment. My worries were put to rest. For every kilogram I gained after a heavy weekend, I found my weight falling just as easily thanks to a better metabolism. It’s so much easier to maintain it now!”


“I used to have an uncontrollable tendency to snack, especially on sweet treats. But within 3 days after the first treatment, my appetite reduced drastically. Surprisingly, I did not feel as hungry as I used to and my cravings stopped. A simple salad lunch without any dressing was just as satisfying.”


“After treatment, I spent one month on festive eating – and not only did I continue to lose 1.5kg, I lost more inches around my arms, thighs and waist. I’d resumed carbs and didn’t even come close to starving. Nothing like this has ever happened before. My metabolism has been reset by CSH therapy®.”

Our results speak for themselves.

There is a reason we've been around for 18 years. On top of our 99% success rate*, we also have a strict policy against unethical sales practices. Your comfort is our top priority and you're always in safe hands.

*Results between individuals may vary.