If you have gone on crash diets or joined an exercise program with little to no results, it may be time to consider cupping for weight loss.

In recent years, cupping has become an increasingly popular form of alternative therapy treatment with amazing weight loss benefits.


“Why am I not losing weight?”

For many people, the mid- to late-twenties is when our metabolism starts to weaken.

This is when we start to lose muscle mass and brown fat, two very important tissues that burn fat. As a result, our cells stop using food energy as efficiently as before.

But with cupping therapy, you can actually restore these metabolic functions in your body. This traditional Chinese treatment promotes weight loss through completely natural means.

Recent research shows that cupping treatments can help to alleviate onset of obesity. Subjects experience a reduction of body weight, body mass index and body fat percentage on all counts.

It is no wonder why the once exotic treatment is now filtering into the mainstream. But before you join a cupping therapy program, here’s everything you need to know about cupping for weight loss.


What is cupping?

Cupping is a practice that has evolved for over 2000 years in Chinese society.

The first record of cupping dated to the year 281 AD. During this period, people used animal horns for cupping treatments. During the Qing dynasty, bamboo and ceramic cups were boiled in herbal solutions before being applied on the skin.

Today, the most common type of cups are the small glass domes you see in health and wellness parlours across the world.


Cupping and fat loss

Cupping improves your metabolism by removing stagnation in your blood.

As we age, our circulatory system weakens, which interferes with the movement of blood. In traditional Chinese terms, we refer to this as blood stasis or “dampness”.

Stagnating blood interferes with the delivery of fresh blood to cells, tissues and organs. Over time, this causes them to become metabolically more inefficient.

Cupping therapy loosens up connective tissue and opens up capillaries, allowing newly oxygenated blood to pour into the area of application. This helps your cells grow, repair and in the process accelerate your metabolism.

At the same time, this process flushes out the stagnated blood through the lymphatic system, carrying waste and ruptured fat cells along with it.

What makes cupping so special is that it can affect tissues up to four inches beneath the skin. This makes it one of the best deep-tissue therapies available, since it can even remove visceral fat nestled around your internal organs.


Hacking the body through its acupoints

The application of cups are not random. Depending on what they want to accomplish, practitioners apply the cups on specially selected acupressure points along our meridian channels.

According to TCM, our bodies have 12 meridian channels, the purpose of which is to transport blood and energy to all organs.

Our acupressure points are located along these channels, and each one correlates to a different bodily function. Applying a cup on a certain acupressure point allows us to target or “hack” that specific function.

This can have wide-ranging benefits for your metabolism, your digestive system, your respiratory system and more.


The cupping process

A cupping treatment starts with warming cups with a flame. This creates a vacuum that, when applied on your skin, exerts suction. The suction loosens connective tissue, allowing new blood to enter the surrounding area.

Of course, an open flame is never used anywhere where it can scald you.

Nonetheless, the idea of heated cups can be terrifying! It’s no surprise then that heatless suction cups are gaining popularity. These come with rubber valves that manually pump out air without applying heat.


What else is cupping used for?

Cupping’s ability to promote blood flow produces many benefits beyond removing fat cells.

You might heard of sportsmen like Michael Phelps using cupping as an alternative treatment. The reason: Cupping helps to alleviate musculoskeletal pain, speeding up recovery after injury and strain.

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian have also raved about face cupping, an anti-aging treatment that stimulates blood flow to the facial tissue, which helps to smoothen fine lines and wrinkles.


Does it leave behind unsightly marks?

After your cupping treatment, the cups are likely to leave distinctive, circular marks on your skin.

Don’t worry: Not only are they painless, these cupping marks are a useful indicator of how severe your stagnation is. The darker the mark, the more stagnation present.

These harmless marks will fade before disappearing completely within a week of treatment. After regular cupping treatments, you should see the marks getting lighter at a faster pace.

The treated skin may also display other types of symptoms reflecting the presence of toxins. They can be black patches, purpura, minute blisters, or very tiny spots. For example, blisters are a sign of accumulated fluids in the tissues.


How often does cupping therapy need to take place before results show?

As with any natural form of weight loss, cupping does not provide immediate results. Because everyone gains and loses weight differently, the extent of weight loss varies between individuals.

The number of sessions required for you to see visible results depends on how your body adjusts to the program.


What are the benefits of cupping?

  1. Weight Loss: Applying cups on the right meridian channels loosens the tissue and unblocks the stagnating blood. This in turn restores your metabolism to more efficient levels.
  1. Improved Digestion: After a cupping treatment, people who experience uncontrollable cravings may find their appetite being reduced to more manageable levels. Cupping also restores the body’s digestive functions, leading to visible improvements to bowel movements, indigestion, heartburn and bloating.
  1. Reduction of Stubborn Fat: Cupping also works when it comes to targeting the stubborn fats around your waist, your thighs, your upper arms. As cupping affects your deep tissues, it can reach visceral fat located in the deeper level just as effectively. The fats are liquefied and removed through the lymphatic system.
  1. Overall Relaxation: The benefits of cupping are not limited to weight loss alone. Similar to a deep-tissue massage, cupping therapy provides relief from physical and emotional tension in your body.


When to avoid cupping?

As much as cupping is a holistic technique, there are also times when you will be advised to avoid cupping therapy. This is especially true for people who are currently suffering from or are prone to skin conditions such as edema or skin ulcers.

If you are being treated for haemophilia or any other bleeding disorders, you may also experience a higher risk of bruising. To be safe, do consult a practitioner before committing yourself to a cupping therapy program.


What’s next?

As with any other weight loss strategy, the results you enjoy from cupping therapy will only be sustainable in tandem with a healthy diet.

For optimal results, adopt sensible eating habits such as having regular meals and low-fat food. Here’s a quick list of foods that you should avoid when you’re on weight loss cupping program:

  • Processed carbohydrates, including oats
  • Processed and preserved foods
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Fruit juices, as well as sugared or carbonated drinks
  • Fruits with high fat and sugar content, such as durian and mango
  • Red meats such as beef, pork and mutton


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